Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Quintessential Jeff Bullas Secrets to Snapchat Advertising and Business

Whoa, we just entered a whole new plane of existence with respect to online advertising (the nitro booster of content marketing when you think about it): SnapChat. An app thought to only be used by teeny boppers about the NBT (that's "Next Big Thing" for all us old folk) or how really sexy those shoes are. But wouldn't you believe it if I said....

SnapChat Has Recently Become the Rage of Marketing According to Jeff Bullas

What Bullas reminds you on his blog is that SnapChat keys you in on the newest audience: millennials. That's the key. And you not only want to target them, but reach through the platform they love to use the most. More importantly, SnapChat to this day focuses on what Bullas called authentic value, but here's another big point for you:

  • SnapChat Has the BIGGEST Audience of FEMALES -- 70% to be exact, according to the Wall Street Journal. Not only is this a game changer for your product or service that may target that particular demographic, but in all honesty.... Targeting that demographic even if your product or service doesn't necessarily apply to them makes for great word-of-mouth as well as reaching just about any lady wanting to buy something for someone else (male or female). So long story short.... Use the platform. You'll instantly benefit.
  • We Obviously Mentioned Millennials.... -- And the stats show that 45% of all SnapChat users fit in that age range of 18-25. 77% of SnapChat users actually attend college. This is the burgeoning beginning of a demographic thirsting potentially for your product and service.
  • Which Is Why Those Users Are More Likely to Buy -- More than on Adwords. More than on Facebook. More than anywhere. A study proves that, stating that 58% of all college students will be more likely to buy via a coupon advertised on SnapChat. And the reason? It's obvious: SnapChat really isn't an 'advertising' platform at all. And that's the secret weapon.

You're Reaching an Entire Audience Without Really Having to Sell Much at All

And you even have those trending "Snap Ads" the platform has rolled out, complete with sponsored lenses and filters to zero in more on your target. You know what those filters are? Imagine using them to advertise your product. Talk about creative. Geo-filters and those really cool snap-able codes you'd find in the most unlikely places (like how SnapChat was employed to pique interest for the film GIRL ON THE TRAIN by utilizing those built-in codes all around train stations) end up not only making SnapChat a platform -- but almost like an advertising lifestyle.

In other words.... What Pokemon GO did for gaming, SnapChat does for advertising.

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