Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why GenZ Is Now the Target for Many Social Media Marketers of Today

What's funny is that I'm willing to bet many out there don't even know what "GenZ" is! I'll explain it right now: GenZ is the generation immediately following the longstanding millennial for one important reason: social media. As in, GenZ's trends for social media are a lot different than your average millennial.

For Starters, GenZ'ers Really Don't Go on Facebook as Much -- or Even YouTube. Not Even Pinterest!

And when you think about it, that's surprising. Facebook's been the leader for a very long time, but the reason why many high schoolers and college students falling into the GenZ category sort of steer away from the old is that for the most part, these GenZ'ers don't just focus on one platform. They focus on many.

Currently the leading platforms are Snapchat and Instagram. That should tell you something. We've already spoke about the power of Snapchat marketing right here, but if you're a business wanting to target the trends, this may be your first stop.

A study proved that 88% of these "GenZ'ers" use both Instagram and Snapchat on a daily basis. 81% of them use Facebook as well; but clearly the shift from platform to platform's dramatic. Why? Because both Instagram and Snapchat focus on more mobile optimization than even Facebook.

78% of students in the study actually use Snapchat DAILY. 76% use Instagram. And a paltry 66% use Facebook. Aside from the shift in platform popularity, the fact is this: GenZ'ers use up to five different social media accounts EACH DAY.

You Know What That Means as an Online Marketer?

Integration. Automation. Centralization. Don't focus on just one platform; focus on all of them.

The cool thing is that's what exactly I do, which you can learn about right here. And don't take it lightly. This is one of the biggest social media marketing trends to look out for. So pay attention. Or you might miss the train.

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