Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Content Marketing Is Like Dating a Supermodel According to Brian Clark

No, he's not some sort of love guru (although who wouldn't want to be?). Rather, Brian Clark -- the man behind Copyblogger -- looks at content marketing as the finesse method for charming a customer. Or in this case, since we're focusing on a metaphor -- the supermodel.

Case in Point: You Never Propose Marriage on the First Date, Right?

Right. The point of content marketing operates on the same adage. We find it funny that most sales
goes for the pitch and the ask right at the very beginning. Content marketing, however, nurtures a relationship before going for the big 'ask'.

The hand in SALES marriage. Many think content marketing's a slow burn, or it takes too long to see some kind of ROI for all the effort you put in for writing and promoting those articles. It can be annoying. But it's worth it: when the sale is more like a long-term marriage (customer retention) and not just a one-off purchase (a 1-night stand).

Great content marketing builds and retains that customer base. Brian Clark goes through the three steps to do that:

  • Pay for the First Date -- Seriously, when you think about content marketing, it's a bit backwards, right? You go through all this time and money to build this content with tons of great information in it...only to give it away for free! And all you get back is an email address? COME ON! However, the immediate ROI is trust. That customer will trust you implicitly, which makes it that much easier for your brand to not only be recognized, but considered as an investment.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen -- Everyone knows that any average lady -- not just a supermodel -- expects to be listened to! Shut up -- and let the girl talk, man. From a content marketing perspective, this means understanding your customers at the deepest core. You need to know what's missing in their lives. And you do that by surveying the customers you already have, getting into the metrics, the history of their past purchases, what they all want. Then you delivery more of that kind of content, whetting their appetite.
  • Then You Show Them the "Ring" -- And this is where most likely you don't even have to 'ask'! Simply position your product correctly and at the very best time and place. You know how the ladies like it: they want the event to be perfect. At that point when they want you to ask, that's when you ask. When you see your following is bursting at the seams of your website or online store.... ASK.

And Before You Know It, Your CTR Results in Conversions and Ad Revenue for a Big Honeymoon

My is Brian Clark quite the matchmaker. Remember, though: this kind of business romance doesn't just happen over night. You woo your clients and customers as always. But you do it with the right words and delivery, the right targeting, and the right timing. The best way to get customers in love with your brand, and really all you had to do was type some words on a webpage!

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