Thursday, December 28, 2017

How Content Marketing Is More About RESEARCH Than WRITING According to Ann Handley

Wow, did I just welcome a lynch mob. They're all going to hang me. But don't shoot the messenger. The expert herself said so -- Ann Handley has just turned the idea of content marketing straight on its head by simply saying that the key to its success is, in fact, not to write!

Allow Me, or Her, to Explain: Without RESEARCH, You Can't WRITE

It's like saying you can walk without legs. Just doesn't happen. Content marketing's much the same way. Sure, eventually you're going to be actually typing on that keyboard, but that's not where the real "writing" actually occurs.

She actually dictated right here on how you're writing can kill it by, yes you guessed it, not writing at all (sounds like a sublime oxymoron). It's not as psychotically enigmatic as you might think, though. In fact, once you get down and dirty with it, it'll make that much more sense:

The point of research is to gather all that information. Be a hoarder. Collect, collect. Be feverish about it! The reason behind researching everything that you want to know is that as you feed yourself all those golden nuggets, you essentially allow your brain to write the whole thing all on its own before you start punching the keyboard.

You then "dump" all that information onto a piece of paper, or a Microsoft Word document if you're a millennial, and then go from there. Don't worry about it looking "horrible" (because it will). Think of this part of the process as just building a really ugly outline. It will serve to be your framework.

Once you have all that info down, you've got to pick one key point to swivel everything around. It's your focus. Your center. Write around it. Then edit like a fierce Grammar Nazi wanting every single paragraph, sentence, and word count.

And, Lastly, Don't Nearly Pay as Much Attention to the Headline as This One Thing:

The first sentence of your article.

Pine over it. Mull over it. Be obsessed with it. Even if the headline's catchy, if that first line doesn't entice the reader further, you've lost those eyes completely. You just have to remember: any reader looks for any excuse not to read something. So don't give anyone any excuse.

I Know: Easier Said Than Done, Which Is Why....

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