Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Turn Trending Topics Into Timeless Content for Your Blog

It really is a catch-22 when you think about it -- the content people really want to consume these days will be trending on Twitter or viral on Facebook or YouTube. Plain and simple. There's just one slight problem with that -- what about next week? -- next month? -- next year?

You write that piece on Donald Trump, and by next year, the article you wrote won't be very relevant at all. The whole idea is presenting value to your reader, and it'll only have so much of a shelf life. Then your career turns into a butter churner, one after the other, climbing a ladder but never really getting to the top.

The Best Kind of Content Marketing Offers Timeless and Trending Information

It's information a reader will enjoy or value today, tomorrow, 20 years from now. There will
always be something to glean from that article you wrote way back when, because it was never 'dated'. The trend never 'died', so to speak.

It's hard to get a piece like that, which will also spread like wildfire, because traditionally, what'll spread like wildfire are the trends, the viral content. The stuff people want to read right now (not days, weeks, months from now).

Like I said: it's a catch-22. Either you're writing 'hot' pieces to be read right now and then forgotten later, or you're writing timeless pieces that slowly burn for a really long time. We all want the big combo -- we want the "timeless viral" stuff, the content that'll go hot and stay hot. But how do you do that?

There is a trick to it, so pay close attention.

You love all those trendy articles on TMZ, right? Here's the thing: those stories are about something typically happening right now (or recently). If you want that piece to stay relevant tomorrow, make that story not just about what's happening right now -- but also why it's important to your reader.

It's the bigger picture. The main idea. You see, a story is just a 'story'. A story with a bigger meaning underneath it all, though? That's a lesson. A truth. Something someone can take with him/her for a lifetime. The story's just the vehicle for that truth, carrying it wherever it goes. The truth is the never-ending fuel to keep the story going even after the story's been done already.

I Know: Easier Said Than Done

Once you put it to practice, it's like clockwork. Think of any story out there. It could be anything. And then ask yourself the important question -- why is this important to you? When you have the answer, you have your angle.

Your article then becomes more than just a story, but an editorial where you're actually speaking to the reader, and not just reporting. Think of trends as a constant evolution. A trend isn't a singular entity all by itself. A trend became as such because of a trend before it.

Once you got that down, honestly, every story you write will be a continuation of a trend from long ago, which was a story back then as well. In a sense.... The stories you write will trend endlessly instead of current "trends" you write "reported"!

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