Friday, May 19, 2017

Tackling a Global Content Marketing Plan According to Pam Didner

Content marketing's very much like the elven industry -- you've got your Cobbler elves fixing shoes on the low end, and the Keebler and cereal elves at the middle ground, but the big time is when an elf gets to go to the North Pole and work for the big man, the head honcho, the main cheese of the big Christmas Eve squeeze.

In other words, if you're a content marketer, you're either local, or your global! And local's not necessarily a bad thing: but if you're thinking about going global, it means more business, more revenue, more profit....

But Also More Content Marketing Work! ....Thankfully, Expert Pam Didner Has One Heck of a Solution to Streamline the Workload a Bit:

It's a 5-step solution. Here's the real deal, though. The key is getting these five steps squared away before tackling the global market in whatever you do:
  • Align All Business Goals Everywhere -- It's easier said than done, but once you ensure that, you're in business. The reason why is that not every region along with HQs in various countries or territories will be in the same situation between each other. Some HQs might be penetrating a new market whereas others are already pretty seasoned. The point is to make sure you're about as aligned as possible clear across the board. Just makes things a bit easier to manage.
  • "Global" Doesn't Mean "Worldwide" -- This is crucial, and Didner explains it best when you think about it. There's not one company out there in the world with enough of a marketing budget to target every country. No way around it. You therefore focus on the countries or regions you know you can set the best corporate footprint. Grow those regions first. Perhaps in the future, you can target more countries -- and then perhaps go completely global when you get there.
  • Develop the Global Brand -- You need a brand everyone can identify with. Translatable. Resonates. If it doesn't, even if the brand is something a particular region would be in high demand for, they'll miss the message and you won't convert much in that area. Ensure you create a type of corporate persona everyone will understand from front to back.
  • Build an Overall Content Roadmap -- You see, it's easy enough just having a particular topic in an industry. Let's say fashion, for instance. When you go global, though, that word "fashion" gets a little blurry, and you need to expand on it some. The word "fashion" is a little town in the middle of your "roadmap," and your next job is to expand based on feedback from target audiences all over as to what "fashion" might mean for them. You'd be surprised what sub-topics you might come up with when you go global on a particular industry.
  • Your Marketing Campaigns Need to Be Specific to the Region or Country -- Not just for organizational reasons, but for SEO and targeting purposes, too. You might be global, but your audiences are still local. So reach them as if you're local as well.
We make it sound easy, yes. And certainly Didner has it all squared away, which is why she's such a heavy influencer in the industry of content marketing.

It's the Big Time for Content Marketers, Going Global

Just watch yourself, though. You can dabble a bit and not see much of a result for a while; but once you hit a mark, and you have an audience targeted to you and your valued content, take a deep breath, slow down, and start building based on these tips.

Chances are good you won't implode. And Santa Claus will still deliver all the presents for the little children.

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