Friday, May 12, 2017

What Joe Pulizzi Says About the Death of Content Marketing

Don't panic. This isn't a funeral. It's not like we're going to see the implosion of Google searches and the dissolve of the Internet before our eyes. We'll still be able to research online. We can browse Facebook and look at cat videos still. SnapChat will still work. We guarantee that.

But what we are saying is that content marketing, from a certain vantage point, is dying! And Joe Pulizzi has stated it in not so many words. Here's why:

"We Marketers Became Infatuated With the TOOLS and Less Concerned About WHAT WE PUT INSIDE THEM." -- Joe Pulizzi

That's profound, people. Think about it. As content marketing has exploded, so has its efficiency. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Marketers find a method that works, and others emulate it. However, the downside is saturation.

We've become so inundated with the same kind of content everywhere we look that there's nothing for a particular brand to stand out on its own two feet and present a unique product or service.

It's like walking into a discount outlet, because everyone's making the same products, and they all look the same.

Don't get us wrong: you get some great deals walking into those discount outlets. But the industry as a whole -- does it benefit? The short answer is NO.

Joe Pulizzi made another good point is that it's not how much content you can push out there into the market -- but, rather, it's how much response, how much of a behavioral change, you get with the least amount of content you generate! Less is more.

You need to ask yourself: are you really pushing content that's unique out there? Or is it all the same from brand to brand?

Are You 'Niche' Enough for Your Audience? If Not, Get There.

That's what's causing the death of content marketing. People are looking for the easy way out. They want to find what 'works' and go with it. To an extent that, well, works -- only so far. The market then becomes so bloated that your 'stuff' gets lost in the mix, back in the warehouse of the "content discount outlet," and you're left hearing crickets.

We as marketers have an imperative to create content that not only works, but is so concrete in terms of niche and story that NO ONE could ever mistake it for that 'other' story online from that 'other' marketer for that 'other' similar brand out there.

People.... Listen to Pulizzi. He knows what he's talking about.

Imitation works. True originality is better. Be creative. Look at your content from all angles. Sell it like you effin' mean it.

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