Friday, May 26, 2017

Why Blog Republishing Makes All the Difference According to Ian Cleary

We'd like to think that Ian Cleary is the workhorse of the content marketing world. What he drills into you are the bread and butter, elbow and grease of a hard-nosed content marketing writer pounding away at the keyboard. Make no mistake: content marketing largely depends on everything from influencer marketing to native advertising and social media campaigning. But nothing -- and I mean nothing -- compares to the one thing Cleary supports above all else:

Blog Republishing: Always Keeping Your Content Fresh and Relevant

Cleary mentions the Pareto principle right here, and it's right on: the 80/20 rule. As a blogger, it
means 20% of the articles you write will produce 80% of all the web traffic you'll get. Let that sink in for a bit.

This means you have to identify your best-performing content. And you will have some individual nuggets in your archive, no doubt. it's normal to have some articles that were read here and there, and others that were just consumed like cotton candy at a circus.

That's just how the market works. Even the best articles won't generate enough clicks and views, and sometimes the one you thought wouldn't amount to much will suddenly sweep cyberspace like a mutant mop.

Once you take a look at the analytics, this is where you do what's called "blog republishing." Ian Cleary endorses it. It is okay to do it! Don't think you're trying to swindle people or Google searches, because all you're doing is updating the old article from a couple years back and then republishing it for the current date.

This Does a Number of Things to Your Content Marketing Strategy:

  • Your Brand Stays Relevant
  • Your SEO Ranking Gets Better
  • You're Taking Advantage of Google's Ever-Changing Algorithms
  • And, of Course, the Most Important Factor:

That one piece of content's bringing in the most revenue for you.

You obviously want to ramp it up, expand, grow the business. The simplest method of monetizing your content is to keep pushing what is working.

You Don't Have to Write a Lot -- Just Some Really Good Stuff That You Can Keep Leveraging Over and Over Again

Ultimately, that's the true fuel in this content engine. Sure, you can pump out new articles every day, and that's fine. But according to Cleary, also try to focus on those few you know are good and update them regularly. New eyes will read them. Your brand will grow. Your readership will grow even more.

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