Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends That Might Actually Surprise You

Okay, we'll admit it -- chances are good you won't be surprised at all. After all, this is content marketing we're talking about, an industry coming and going in massive tidal waves, and you never know what to expect today, tomorrow, next year, whatever. So it's clear that at PDR Digital Content, we're all about keeping you in the know as far as content marketing is concerned, and since this is our first report on the market itself, let's fill you in:

There Are 5 Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye. F-I-V-E.

And trust us: a lot of these might just blow you away. Sure, we hear a lot about native ads, and Google Adsense is still at the forefront. Content is obviously still King, but we had no idea this King Arthur was expanding Camelot to the size of the continent of North America! Just kidding: we did have plenty of an idea, which is why we're informing you of what to watch out for.

So take some notes. Click the links. Read. And start making those changes within your content marketing strategy. Or else you'll be left behind....

  • Buying the Right Influencers -- That's how cutthroat content marketing is getting! These days, the strategy might be about buying the right platform out. Check it out for yourself.
  • Competitive Content Marketing? -- You heard correctly. These days, you're probably going to want to write stories about your competition, and here's why.
  • Down With the Social Media Platforms! -- Don't get us wrong, we love some good Facebook and Twitter, but after reading this, you're going to want to stick to the blog as your central point.
  • Email's Coming Back Huge -- And everyone thought email marketing was dead. Not so.
  • So Is Print! -- In this day and age of digital? Really? You bet. Read about it right here.
Told you there would be some things that would surprise you.

That's Proof That Content Marketing Isn't Just Something You Do. It's Something That Evolves.

And you must evolve with it. Period. We at PDR Digital Content will help with that. Just contact us! We won't bite. We're just a bunch of content marketing lovers. This is what we do. King Arthur loves it, too.

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