Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Question of the Age: Can MARTECH Be Creative?

It's a great question given the fact that many a marketer has touted success with a 5-step program or 7-step quick fix to generating revenue through Facebook, or what have you. It's true: a lot of the marketing technology out there does have sort of a success 'structure' to it, that if you follow it to a tee, you're almost guaranteed some results. Some.

Just Don't Knock Creativity Down Over MARTECH

Yes, we at PDR Digital Content know the marketing technology's at the forefront of our frontier, but you have to know this -- creativity still kills. It's the beast that no one can bring down. Like that big fire-breathing dragon. It's been proven given that there was a recent study of marketers clear across the U.S. and Europe designated what they thought was the most important to success -- creativity ranked as the most important skill, right behind MARTECH. That's telling.

Of course, marketing technology was still way up there, obviously, so you have to know it -- but there's a big difference between knowing it and knowing how to be creative with it in very inventive and interesting ways.

In marketing, you have to be creative with your strategies. Simple as that. The MARTECH just makes it easier for you to do just that (or at the very least, it should).

So Take Note: PDR Digital Content Focuses A LOT on Creativity

In fact many of us are artists. Authors. Inventors. We're about exploring new horizons. Discovering new methods. Setting new trends. Bravo if you're pretty much fluent in Facebook language, Outbrain standards and Pinterest advertising....

But if you're looking for that flair.... That little extra edge that'll keep you above the cut of the rest of the competition? ....MAYBE now's the time to contact us for a free consultation!

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