Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Ultimate Key to Major Marketing Skill: SCHMOOZING!

You might know what that means, the term schmoozing. if you're an actor or a singer, maybe. Just in case you're mum on the term, all you need to know is that to schmooze, you only need to communicate with an endgame of developing connections to better yourself in the industry you're in.

Essentially sales. Only you are the product (or service). That's schmoozing.

What Does That Have to Do With Marketing, Though?

Just about everything -- at least in this day and age. It's more important than ever given the fact that cyberspace has dominated the community-building industry from the bottom-up, making it darn near impossible to set-up a physical meet-and-greet or even an interview. You can do literally anything you want online -- even a job interview.

Back in the day, schmoozing had so much power that just one conversation with a key thought leader or potential client or partner could lead to literally thousands of dollars in partnership revenue. The landscape has changed so much to be flooded with the fact that we have more opportunities now.

With more opportunity comes more competition.

Think of it as the meeting room just got about 100 times larger. And the number of people in the room expanded by 10X. That's a lot of people. A lot harder for you to find that key person to speak with about the key account you want them on!

Building Connections Has Expanded Into Every Realm of Marketing

And the most important? MARTECH. Setting up events on Facebook. Writing IMs. Tweeting. Being on a Google+ community. Running Hangouts. Doing Facebook Live. Q&A sessions on LinkedIn.

You might not even know how to do any of those.

Learn. You're going to need it. Because schmoozing just got a little technical these days.

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