Monday, January 30, 2017

Because We're Getting Devoured by Trees, This Content Marketing Trend's Getting Big Again....

You remember the good ol' days when you got magazines in the mail with tons and tons of advertising? So nostalgic. Some say it's the golden age of media advertising, even older than commercial advertising via radio or TV. But you don't believe that this development of content marketing trends is now making one heck of a comeback --

Print Marketing Is Coming Back in a Big Way, and Here's Why:

The fact is digital marketing has gotten a bit saturated. There's too much competition. It's hard finding the best possible solutions. There's too much noise going on in cyberspace. Of course, here at PDR Digital Content, we know how to cut through the fat and get to the goodies with ease, but without a doubt, as far as content marketing trends go, this is still a headliner --

Airbnb, in fact, has partnered with Hearst to launch a brand-new actual magazine -- titled, as you can guess, Airbnb Mag. Simple. Effective. And understandable. Nothing too gimmicky.

Sure it does cost a lot to cut down more of those trees (which, by now, probably are taking over the world since everyone near and far has been going digital for the longest time!), but the fact is this -- if the response still brings in the ROI, why not?

Undoubtedly, print hit a rock bottom point as far as a decline, and research is showing that content marketers are still going steady with print magazines, so without a doubt, if you're asking the question:

Should I Launch My Own Magazine Brand?

You just might want to. And guess what: we at PDR Digital Content (yes, our brand says "digital," but we do the print stuff, too) can help. All you need to do is CLICK HERE.

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