Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Here's Why You Need to Pay More Attention to PewDiePie as a Content Marketer

We're not making jokes here, actually. Sure, it sounds like one.... But we're actually being serious here: content marketing is feeling the pain on social media for very specific reasons:

PewDiePie Has ACTUALLY Threatened to Shut Down His YouTube Channel!

What? Really? Nooooooo.... But whyyyyy? The YouTube superstar does actually have a pretty good
reason for wanting to shut his own channel down as a way of saying SCREW YOU to YouTube --

His reason? Because lately with content marketing trends, we've been seeing all social media platforms modifying their algorithms quite often. Facebook has done it, too. We'll most likely be seeing more and more social media platforms making changes to their algorithms in huge ways, and you know what that does?

It affects advertising revenues as well as all sorts of sponsorship opportunities.

Needless to say, PewDiePie was a bit heated as the cost for his traffic started to amount to nothing, dropping his revenues a bit. We're seeing it all over, and it's pretty frustrating. Even the well-known BP apparently has decided that Facebook isn't cutting it anymore, opting to publish more on LinkedIn given the fact that a lot of content ends up in the dumpster due to the changes in algorithms.

Dear God, What Should We Do?

The fact is this: social media's becoming less of a place to publish, and more of a place to advertise. Plain and simple. Social media sharing simply doesn't have the same effect it used to have. Now more than ever, you're going to need a real website. Your own platform. Not a hosted one on Google+ or anything like that.

Don't get us wrong, though: having your social media platforms will always help -- but it's not going to be the be-all end-all of your content marketing strategy.

Need more help with your content marketing? You can ask PewDiePie -- or US at PDR Digital Content. Thankfully, we're just a click away.

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