Friday, February 17, 2017

Go Ahead and Subscribe to a Few Industry Newsletters

But only a few. And trust us: you'll have a choice to pick out of a big batch of newsletters, like apples at the orchard. Why are newsletters relevant today?

Because It's Easy, Digestible, and Simple Information About Whatever Industry You're In!

The big mistake many marketers make is trying to get an edge with too many sources. What
happens? The INBOX turns into a stockpile of dead weight, and you'll sift, sort, and delete more than actually reading the high-quality info to even get ahead in your industry. Thin the herd. Look for the 'bad' apples and toss them. Find the golden nuggets. And stick with those.

Additionally, checking that Twitter feed offers some other juicy fruits of information, so be sure to do that. Marketing innovation at its best. And in Twitter's case, you don't have to worry about over-saturation of information. You can follow literally an unlimited number of influencers and magazines posting the best pieces with links, and all you need to do is surf the feed and find what you're looking for.

Save your stuff. Favorite them. Bookmark your newsletters. Subscribe to at most three different email lists owned by specific influencers in the industry, and your INBOX won't suffocate much at all.

The Key Is to Be Well Informed, Not Too Informed

That's only the beginning of how to approach your marketing strategy, as it's pretty clear that from industry to industry, best practices differ. You might want to focus on Facebook advertising for one, and LinkedIn advertising for another. Heck, sometimes native publishing and affiliate marketing might be the better way to go.

We have the ultimate 'newsletter' right here if you just CONTACT US RIGHT NOW for a free consultation about what we can do for you in your marketing plan. Let us take a look at what you currently are doing -- and see how we can improve it.

That's cutting the fat off your INBOX and newsletter reading! Still do it, though. It's good organic health for the corporate body.

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