Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Marketing Tech Has Now Become Like Shopping at Wal-Mart

And mind you.... That's not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it this weird stigma that you have to be weird, because you're shopping at Weird Shopper Mart USA. Don't get us wrong: we love Wal-Mart. But we're not buying tampons or toilet paper here -- we're introduced to a plethora of options as far as marketing tech, and here's why it's good for you:

All of It Works Well -- So It's Only a Matter of What Marketing Tech You Want to Use

Testing is a great way to find that magic mix, whatever it is -- if you're prolific with Twitter and Facebook, stick with them. But if Instagram and Pinterest are more your thing, then good for you. The key is to test, run campaigns, see how it feels for you, see what the results are -- and more importantly, see if you like it.

Many marketers find great success with Adwords. Taboola. Outbrain. Yahoo Gemini. The sky's really the limit as there are dozens of platforms out there. And a lot of it depends on the industry or the market. In other words....

You Don't Need to Spread Yourself Out Too Much!

Diversify, of course. The more ads you run (and the more ad placements you have on your web properties), the more diversified traffic you'll get. But if it doesn't work, and you don't like it -- DROP IT. You don't need it.

Additionally, here's one more tip: if you're going to use this marketing technology to better your business.... PLEASE use it in your daily life as well! The more you use it just for fun, the more fun it'll be to use it for your business.

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