Friday, February 10, 2017

The New Marketing Tech Age: Sometimes You Have to Go Backward to Move Forward

Don't hate us. Please. We're just the messengers. It just so happens that this industry of new MARTECH innovation forces many a professional to have to go back to the basics of a brand-new system to learn. The old tried-and-true tactics, while still quite effective, need a little backbone and back-up especially with the competition that much heavier.

That Ultimately Means You Have to Check Your Ego at the Door -- Especially If You're a Freelancer

It may be the time to work yourself in slowly when dealing with, say, Taboola or Revcontent ads, for instance. They're a lot different than writing up a creative banner promoted on TV. You'll hate it, but it's the way you're going to want to have to go! Better than hiring a new millennial who's in to the social media marketing trend, honestly.

So what would you have to do, or at least get used to doing when trying to get into the new marketing tech age? Simple: you might need to discount your hourly rate as a way to gain some experience. Get accustomed to the new models out there in advertising and marketing. Once you're set, you can explode onto the scene with some major ROI results.

Plain Fact: Even Senior-Level Marketers Now Need Some Tech Skills

So get yourself ready. Dumb yourself down just for a little while. You don't want to go in headfirst with your highest pay or expectation for the client or customer and then look around in the dark without that light bulb on.

Not knowing what you're doing can make it very hard to see your way out.

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