Saturday, January 21, 2017

What Kellogg's and Donald Trump Have to Do With Content Marketing

Random title, right? We've got corn flakes and a game show host for a U.S. President, and this is supposed to be about content marketing, people. I know I'm throwing you a curve ball, but there's a point to this: it's about content marketing trends, and this is a big one that you absolutely have to consider in your marketing plan.

Here's the Story About Kellogg's and Donald Trump:

Since Trump's inauguration, we've seen a lot of craziness lately. The latest to hit the media is the fact that Kellogg's actually pulled its own advertising from Breitbart's former chairman actually happens to be Trump's new top adviser, Steve Bannon. You see the connection here?

The point is that Bannon himself has declared that the platform Breitbart just happens to be a "platform for the alt-right," and it just so happens that Kellogg's has a big problem with it. Polarization: we're seeing it everywhere. And now we're seeing it in content marketing.

Needless to say, Kellogg's removed its advertising from the site, and in return, Breitbart launched a wicked campaign against the King of corn flakes with a #DumpKelloggs label, stating that the Breitbart boycott is an "act of discrimination and intense prejudice." In short.... Instead of writing content about the news in general, Breitbart wrote content about Kellogg's specifically as a way to compete against the brand!


Stunningly, the Results of That Social Media Campaign Were Staggering

As cutthroat as it was for Breitbart to do that, the site's traffic exploded as a result. And it certainly helped that Breitbart already had a loyal following. Sure, Kellogg's could respond in kind with a press release, perhaps, but it may only dent the armor of an already vicious social media knight like Breitbart --

And to think it happened because the website wasn't afraid to get punchy!

PR has gotten huge with content marketing. You not only need to develop your brand, you need to now defend it like knights do at the palace gates. Pretty serious stuff.

Now what was all of this about Kellogg's and Trump? Oh, yeah. We digressed.

While we're figuring that out, why not contact us about your content marketing strategy and let's make sure you're well armored for the next siege on your corporate fortress!

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