Wednesday, January 18, 2017

From Partnering to Purchasing: Why Influencer Marketing Will Expand Even More

Collaboration was a big deal in today's content marketing industry -- everything from affiliate marketers leveraging Adsense aligned with Adnow, Spoutable, MGID, Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, Yahoo Gemini, and so much more. It was all about diversification (and it still is).

But Did You Know That Influencer Marketing Will Grow Even More Now?

We're seeing a new trend among trends in content marketing right now: a lot of big names are now buying those influencers outright. As in owning them. That's how heated this industry's getting. People don't just want to share the pie (even though there's plenty to go around). Now people want to own the complete pie. Period.

An example of this would be the big name CNN actually buying the social media app Beme. Other big names have done the same, but this one's particularly notable given that Beme was owned by the YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat, a figure known for harnessing 6MM followers via video blog (pretty impressive).

That's a pretty big pie when you think about it. Why did CNN buy the app? Simple. To shut it down. Talk about destroying the competition! The big name website even asked Casey and his team to start a brand-new media platform as a result. CNN shut down the app specifically to target a brand-new audience. Increase the reach: that's the name of the game.

And Sometimes It Means Buying the Whole Pie and Asking the Rest to Buy Their Own!

You can't blame CNN. These days it's easier to buy out a brand and the entire following over organically growing a platform. Bear that in mind when trying to leverage your content marketing, people. Either you make your own pie -- or you buy it, so no one else has it.

Thankfully, PDR Digital Content can actually do both. In fact, we can make the pies, help you sell them, and then make some more. Just click here and contact us right now!

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