Friday, January 27, 2017

The Email Renaissance Has Arrived, so Start Sending Out Your Email Blasts

We may be sounding like we're preaching to the choir here, but you have no idea how this grazes the surface of content marketing trends -- email marketing has no reached even higher than it already is, and somehow managed to be even more important than native advertising. Shocker.

The Reason Why? Because Brands Now Don't Have Much Control AT ALL Over Customer Relations

Think about it: you read the article about how social media algorithms are shifting, right? It means that brands aren't communicating to their followers on social media nearly as much as they used to. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube -- those platforms now seem to be more about revenue generation than customer communication.

That leaves email to be the most essential, more than ever. You absolutely have to grow that email list, like how Buzzfeed apparently added well over 1MM new subscribers in 12 months! Pretty staggering.... the key to this is the lovely, yet hidden gem: the email newsletter. The Washington Post has one. 75 of them, actually. The New York Times has an entire department dedicated to email newsletters.

What Does This Mean for You as a Business? It's Simple.

Focus more on your lists. Your newsletters, not just in terms of volume. Instead of just marketing collateral or upsales, think of your email newsletter as a way to communicate with your loyal following and keep them happy.

When you think about it.... It's the key to maintaining your business. After all, those are your customers. Talk to them!

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