Friday, February 10, 2017

The Latest Best Marketing Tech Trend to Date: the DIY Native Ad Dashboard

Talk about some on-the-job-training, right? In all honesty, that's the best way to go if you want to learn MARTECH and get yourself accustomed to the new frontier. Learn by doing. Simple as that.

There was a time when you had a rep, though, to do it all for you. You simply ask the rep for what you want, and you had it implemented on the site, or at the very least sent to you (or your programmer) to get it done. Times have changed -- now you can do it all on your own online via a DIY account dashboard. You watch the metrics. The clicks. The revenue. You're in charge.

For Businesses, That's the Best Way to Get Into the New Marketing Tech Out There

We're seeing it with Outbrain. MGID. Yahoo. Even Google has its own Express version of Adwords where you can custom-make your ads, set your own CPCs, and let it ride. The ultimate form of experimentation.

Here's a bit of advice for you, though: start off small. Remember -- this is about generating traffic and conversions, so when running ads anywhere -- whether it's Facebook, or Pinterest, or Instagram, or StackAdapt, or whatever -- start off with a small budget and see what you get for the copy you've created.

That's the trends we're seeing. A lot of platforms out there will be more and more hands-on with their approach, allowing account users to develop what they need on their own. Heck, you can even add other verified users onto those accounts of yours and have them create ads, or ad units on your company websites.

In Other Words, Being Brave in Getting Your Hands Dirty Is Now More Important Than Ever

We can coach you through some of the best platforms out there if you contact us right now for a free consultation. It's easy. Or you can simply let us handle all of it for you. We know all of them. How" Because we're turnkey just like they are!

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