Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Believe It or Not, But Even the High-End Online Publications Post Crappy Content

Do a test and see for yourself (honestly, any righteous content marketer will do a lot of reading as part of research): you'll find that literally half of the "quality" content out there with mounds of readership and high search rankings represent the bigger pile of bat guano we don't want to touch. Sorry to be so graphic there.... But it's true!

The Reason for That is the Fact That These Professional Writers and Copy Editors Simply Can "Get Away With It"

Typos. Laziness. Poor structure. No voice. Even incorrect facts. And, yet, the share count on these
articles are at the hundreds, possibly thousands. It's not hard for a well-known site to go on brand recognition (such as TIME, or the Huffington Post) with an already established readership to get the views, get the ad revenue, and obviously get the high search rankings, even leveraging print marketing at its best.

It's all about reputation.

However.... In the grand scheme of things, the long haul, quality content pulls through if you're simply up for the task --

You have to be willing to put up the quantity and quality, distribute your content, get yourself out there, make a name, develop the brand, and when all is said and done, the last defining variable in this content race is the question:

Which Article Is More Compelling? The Pile of Bat Guano? Or Yours?

The answer's obvious: yours.

It's a long numbers game -- sort of like you're waiting in line for the big breakout where the number of shares suddenly strike the hot iron and mold a brand that's worth every penny of ad revenue, blowing the competition out of the water. But it takes the tenacity. The creativity. The writing. The research. The pull to churn out that content like butter.

That's what PDR Digital Content can do. We're workhorses. Our job is to combine that quantity with quality, expand the content base in such a way that you'll be blown away with how much has developed in such a short period of time. Then it's all about distribution. Promotion. And getting the name out there.

It'll take some time. But, in all honesty, in this business: that's what it takes!

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