Monday, February 27, 2017

THE Content Marketing Myth You MUST Keep in Mind

This one, I hold closely to my heart -- painfully. For good reasons. It's a sad fact that many a client want the big bucks and the results, like, now. Absolutely NOW. And it's understandable. They're paying a content marketing team (or US) to craft, create, distribute, promote, leverage, link, highlight, and repurpose until we're blue in the face -- plus they have a marketing budget to go into those paid promotions, so that's a double whammy right there, just like when you click this image right below --

They WANT to See the ROI Now. And You Know What's Funny?

Content marketing has been en vogue for plenty of years as the go-to for marketing excellence given its reach for customer retention, reputation management, brand building, and long-scale customer relations. It's practically infallible. Do it right, you get great results; it's clear. However....

Many CEOs and Presidents and even some marketing directors out there don't realize that content marketing isn't an overnight thing, checking the clock and waiting for the big payout. It's not like you can build a website, create some articles, develop the pages, sign up for Adsense, launch some Adwords campaigns, and in the next month see about a thousands dollars in profit (not revenue: PROFIT).

Doesn't work like that. Not at all. Especially since content marketing wasn't designed to sell anything! Okay, sure, you have a dynamite product or service, and a dedicated audience -- in that case, you just need a salesperson who knows how to run a Facebook campaign. But if you want to continually invoke faith in your product and service, multiply the sales effect by gazillion, and -- here's the better part -- KEEP ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY -- you need content marketing, and you need to take your time with it.

How Long Will Content Marketing Take to See Any Results?

It honestly depends on the current reputation you already have. Do you have a built-in audience? Is your social media presence already pretty hefty? If so, you have the foundation -- now you need a team to make it work for you beyond what's already been done. You may see results pretty quickly, especially if you're using certain tools, targeting uncharted revenue for your brand.

All it takes is a quick CONSULTATION WITH US. Let's see what we can do for you. Give us an idea of how many email subscribers you have. Do you have any Google+ pages? Facebook pages? Facebook groups? LinkedIn pages? Twitter account?

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