Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Challenge of Content Marketing: Whether or Not You Can Pay for It

Don't cringe.... Yes, blog posts cost money. Let me rephrase: quality blog posts cost money. If that's what you want. Chances are that's what you want, because crappy blog posts won't get you anywhere except fill up your website with fodder, maybe grab you a lead or two, and that's it. Chances are you might get some decent ROI from the crappy content, but it won't last.... Crappy content tends to have a shelf life of close to ZERO, so you want to be careful about what you pay for.

But We Get It, Guys: Content's Costly, and You Have a Lack of a Budget

And we're not suger-coating this for you -- some content marketing agencies, companies or freelancers out there will charge an arm, a leg, a spleen, and a liver to boot, just to get a few articles written out. Make no mistake: chances are the value's there for one good reason: good articles are timeless and reusable. If they're leveraged and promoted the right way, you can literally make the money back and then some! No joke.

The question is this: do you take the time to develop that quality content yourself? Or do you pony up the dough and have a professional do it for you? Stacked question, we know....

Check out the infograph on the right and see what you're dealing with visually. You don't have many options, basically. It's either TIME. Or MONEY. And chances are you don't have both. Chances are you have one or the other, and in a very limited amount.

What's the Solution?

The choice is a difficult one: either outsource, or do it all yourself. Outsourcing takes the responsibility off your plate but leaves you at the mercy of the professional who may or may not deliver according to your expectations. Doing it all yourself, though, will save you a ton of money but also spread yourself too thin with your own company.

The easy solution is find someone not to outsource to, but someone to partner with closely on the content you want to provide. In other words: MERGE THE TWO BENEFITS. CONSOLIDATE BOTH TIME AND MONEY.

PDR Digital Content Does Exactly That: Giving You the Best of Both Worlds. And at a Competitively Low Cost.

It is literally the only way to see some light at the end of the tunnel and make this work for you. You need to be able to let a professional handle the projects, but not without your eye over the details. PDR Digital Content isn't an 'agency' in that respect. We're not freelancers. We're not in-house either, chewing up your funds legally and practically.

We, in essence, accept the challenge of content marketing for your sake. We win. And you win. That's our job. And at a decent cost, too! Problem solved.

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